【Rejctx 2】 web series ( Download ) Alt balaji 2020

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Rejectx 2 web series Download is a web series of zee 5 original in which you have to pay the subscription frees it is for a 1-month free trial.then after that you have to pay some amount for that to All web series of zee5 original.

Cast Details Of Rejctx2 

Cast details of the reject X2 web series have been given below and their crew names and the names of the people who are used in the web series are also given as in the opposite of the name of the crew name given below.

Esha Gupta. As: Officer Rene.
Sumeet Vyas. As: Vice-Principal Hussain.
Tanvi Shinde. As: Yesha.
Prabhat Singh. As: Harry.
Masi Wali. As: Aarav and Jackie.
Anisha Victor. As: Kiara.
Ayush Khurana. As: Maddy.
Ridhi Khakhar. As: Parnomitra.

Rejctx 2 free available

Rejctx 2 free download available on Mx player also where you can go and watch the Rejct X2 web series for free here Hotstar is also providing it for free here you can go and download it for free and if you want then you can watch the Rejct X2 web series for free.

Rejctx2 web series on Disney zee5 original there is a case of a school in which a girl is dead, a police officer comes to her score interrogation and then the story starts slowly.

In the Rejct x2 web series, there is a woman who is a policeman, is doing an interrogation of this case, while doing this case, she reaches the boyfriend of the girl whose name is Abraham.

It is considered an important part of all the cases and when I reach the school, which is an interrogation woman, you find out from the principle that there is an affair of the girl who is running That happens to a boy named Aarav.

The boy's father is a very good source and due to being very rich, he used to save the beginning from every problem, but this time a threat was placed on Aarav, and trying his best to save 

That is why the lady officer was appointed to save Aarav's life and was told that your life should be nothing.

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Rejctx 2 review pros and corns

In reject x2 web series, you will get to see a lot of people, in this, you will get to see the drama, people are very happy for what they want to see and you guys wanted to see the drama in it if you will get to see the trauma in it and you people In it you will find everything you are looking for very easily.

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Let us tell you what has happened in the reject x2 web series and what is going to happen next, it is right that there is a spoiler alert.

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Now many people here are wondering what the result of Rejct x2.

 X2 means that Season 2 had its season one already, if you have not seen Season One, then you will be the first season. See one, but there is one thing in it, it is told that be a season,

Rejctx 2 zee 5 orginal

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Police try to save Arnav but he is not attacked by the boy who is an arb, but when an attack is made on his friend, this case becomes absolutely complicated after that. 

I have to say that no matter how we got this last, after calling him, he has to leave his job and after saying this, it takes me a lot of work to do it with all my heart.

 About this business, the girl who is killed and then a case is put on one boy and then attacked on the other boy is also shot and attacked.

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