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Jennifer winget I don't need reasons to be invincible I truly believe that I put my mind to something that I will be able to achieve it and that I am achieving hi this is me right no matter how much work you've done Code m web series download 720p when you see yourself on a poster that's something that is still something and we look I'm getting goosebumps just talking about it 

 I think that's how I will describe myself dressed as I love working started working at a very early age all credit to my Code m web series download is my Favourate web series in which i have worked and enjoyed a lot which is about the army girl and her story

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 I'm like okay it's I'm on vacations on why not short I mean there's an elephant in the film and I get to go live in Chennai for two months be with you know be with the likes of Manisha Koirala and Arvind Swamy why not for sure and that's how it all started Code m web series download

when I started acting that I really didn't understand what acting is all about I was just kind of doing it for the heck of it really honestly Code m web series download I did not understand the art I've never taken acting lessons I have never done drama or theater in school 

I've never never and I never really thought honestly that I'd be an actress it just kind of you know you can't defy sweet faces so I just kind of kept going with it when they had happened is when I realized how much I love acting who's very next to impossible to get a role like that where you know from playing a girl 

who which is wanted by every mother and mother-in-law to playing a woman who's a man's nightmare or a woman's nightmare for that matter of course after that Code m web series download I think it is very important for me to choose roles that helped me grow as an actor that challenges me physically mentally 

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I love acting now because humor not me it's the act of performing that is so brilliant and that you don't get elsewhere in any other professions people are still apprehensive about working with TV actors

 I mean the line is fading a little bit but initially nobody wanted to even meet TV actors keening Adam Scott wake image but yeah you know you know an actor is an actor performers a performer if you don't you just got two more them right and then see the magic happen and I think because of digital platform now things are changing a little bit people are accepting TV actors

They can do just with fan tanta I think that is more it's not acting it's it's how the TV medium is it's not how the actor is right you take the same actor and make them perform give them a different platform and it'll all be Code m web series download different and that is also the difference between TV and films and and digital it really doesn't affect all what what people say doesn't affect me at all because I really really love myself 

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She not just saying that that's that's all you need you know I've been really really lucky that all the characters that have done on TV I still remember sometimes I get a little what did you just call me you know they still called me by sneha they still call me by Code m web series download Coomer then Ridhima and and he still Code m web series download everything no award can match up to that right that after so many years old so people remember every teardrop that you cried every superstar that you wore and it's it's this beautiful 

Career that has been going on for so long that makes me invincible to have a family that loves me and supports me that makes me invincible to have friends that lift me up every day to have to work with colleagues there to have that only Code m web series download  have love and respect for you to be in a fraternity again where there is only love and respect that makes me invincible