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Fixerr web series download

Tells how you people bet on some place and the betting comes from money and at what places that money is used and who fixer at such place and what its What effect does it have on the people, how much money do people make on the world, and in how many ways do you come to your life and many people lose their lives in it, speculatively put up all over the place Things that have been told in fixer web series.

Fixerr web series 

There are many characters in this web series that are already shown on Zee TV and they bring them again in this web series which is also of Zee TV, as you all know and Director and composed everything is, similarly, alt Balaji is also the only director and the only woman to play many characters like computer,

Ekta Kapoor web series is the only person who has seen it so well that you will see it. You will be left seeing it is very beautiful in which you will get to see all the things in which you want to see romance, then you will also get to see romance in it and people who want to see in it, you can see all the things in it. Who wants to see you guys.

Fixerr web series introduction

There is a character in it, who is known as Abhay, he is a match master of all betting and he is attacked many times because people from under ground do it and people from underground want me He is killed, the police is formed and all the people are saved and later too many attacks are made on him.

All of those people only means that if they are killed then they are Wanted to kill because he was a policeman and used to come in between those people and always put a hindrance in his work because of which he wanted him to be removed from his path and the work should continue That Abhay had already come to know and Abhay had done his part, he had decided that he too had to come down and go in the name of all the people.Fixer web series download

I happen to be an under-ground officer in the police and he gets a test that he has to remove all these things from the market and he is doing a good job, but later on slowly, he goes down in this field. And after landing in the same field, Fixer web series download

Fixerr web series download starts killing people somewhere and after beating, he becomes a very big goon and after that he also works as a police and becomes an old man once again. That he becomes a big name and he reaches very high in the world of betting, after that his name was always known by everyone and many people were always scared of him, but the way the police job fell behind him. And were not always behind him.

Fixerr web series

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