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Delhi Crime web series has been created on the crime of Delhi, in which Nirbhaya case you all will know about it, whose Culprits have recently been sentenced to death and they have been hanged in the Nirbhaya case.

Trouble has come and what has happened?

How can you people watch it online and how are you people can download it Delhi crime? you can Watch it in 1080p,720p,480p,mkv format Full Hd


 What is this web series Delhi Crime Review and you will get complete information for this post, for that your people post Is to be completed since you do not face any problem and you can get complete information about this web series?

Delhi Crime Cast Details.

Shifali Shah (Vartika) the leader of this case named Nirbhaya Rape Case. Neetu Singh (Rasika Dugal) is the newly Recruited IPS Officer of Delhi South.

She also played a vast role in the Delhi crime web series. Chandni(Yashaswini Dayama) daughter of the Vartika who is interrogating the people of Delhi crime.

Bhupendra (Rajesh Tailang) Senior Inspector as shown in series who lead the operation under Vartika.

Delhi Crime Web Series 2 IMDb has -8.5got rating of, so that you know that it looks like a lot of color as well as Pepsi key, 

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Delhi Crime Web series download Filmyzilla

Delhi crime web series so you can watch or download online very easily, this web series was shown by Netflix, but after that this web series was done in a lot of places, some of which I can I am telling people that the film district comes first, comes second.

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Delhi Crime web series All Episodes.

Delhi crime web series have season 1 and only 7 episodes which you can watch and download it very easily.

Delhi Crime Web Series Episode 1

In episode 1 of the Delhi Crime web series, you will get to see that a girl is kidnapped in it and tries hard to rape her and the girl is married and has shown you guys with her

How will you get away with him after you kidnap a moving bus in a moving bus and after that, he is thrown on the side of a highway 

People involved in that incident are so many people all of you Delhi crime Web series episodes will be seen.

Delhi Crime Web Series Episode 2

In Episode 2 you will be shown that the girl is admitted to a hospital where her condition is stated to be critical and after her condition is critical, her operation is going on there and then her parents

This is done and after doing so, the police starts investigating, the police immediately reach there and see what is going on, a girl named Renu is released and someone

The police is also posted and he is older. He is also admitted to the hospital because he has also suffered a lot of injuries. This is based on a true incident.

Delhi Crime Web Series Episode 3

In Dainik Ram Web Series Episode 3, you will get to see a lot of people, in it, it will be shown that a guy who plays the main role,

Who does the most of that girl, is caught and After trying to catch him, these people are trying to take him to jail, 

While trying the same, new problems start coming in front of them, most of them are real brothers and there is a bus driver, a conductor, and a clear

It is from that that the bus is not able to detect the bus slowly, in the episode, we understand that in the future, you will probably get to know about it.

Delhi Crime Web Series Episode 4

Delhi crime Episode 4, you will be shown how the attack and two tests are being done and the people of Delhi keep picking up on the streets and the people of Delhi are making a lot of commotion there, many people are there to test you.

We sit down and a lot of movement starts going on and for this girl's peace this episode will be written about how you people are marching candles

How angry people get angry that They try to kill and create so much pressure, the police are attacked and many people are injured.

Delhi Crime Web Series Episode 5

In the resort pipe, it is known that the bus is in the name of the person, and because of knowing the owner of that bus, the names of all the people working on it are revealed and the names of those people 

In the same way, the police come to the investigation and start locating the houses of those people in which the police find that both a bus driver and a conductor are real brothers, in which the bus driver is caught by the police. 

Is taken and a clue is found in it and the police immediately go there. Blood gets inside the bus, due to which there is a confirmation that this bus was the dreaded accident of Delhi Crime and due to this accident, 

Dani was so much hurt that it was decided in the year 2012 and the decision of 2020 was clearly told by the government. 

They were hanged at 5:00 am in reality but in this, You people will not be shown how to search for other brothers and also take other brothers.

Delhi Crime Web Series Episode 6

Everyone will see the episode, how Delhi Crime gets success and I slowly catch four people and as soon as I go in search of the fifth, then slowly in the last one, and the fifth criminal 

It catches and captures the culprit in five as they are very happy people and only one criminal settles out of that who is a criminal is considered to be the main criminal of that incident and to catch him, 

It keeps on working and continues continuously, which is playing the lead role in it, you are being told by the name of Varsha, her daughter Chandni makes it repeatedly that we do not want to stay and also show the story in it. 

It is being said that the mother-daughter duo has been sent and it has been told that confidence had risen from such people.

Delhi Crime Web Series Episode 7

The main culprits of Delhi crime are presented before the Kurti court and if they present them before the court, then one of them is sentenced to death directly and he is sent to Tihar Jail.

He sends him, he hangs himself there and dies and his last culprit is caught in the episode and in that episode, he is shown how he succeeds and is not a recruiting officer and helps him.

In many police officers, all the officers are happy at that time, criminals should be hanged.is demanded by the government.

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Delhi Web Series Official Trailer


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