[366 MB] Chaman bahar movie Download Review and Cast

Chaman Bahar Movie download online in 720p 1080p full HD and so on Netflix this movie has been released.

Chaman Bahar Movie download
Chaman Bahar Movie download

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Chaman bahar Cast details

Ritika Badiani, Bhuvan Arora and Alam Khan and Jitendra Kumar 

All these people have done a lot of work in the movie in Chaman Bahar and these people have come on the email robbery and because of these people, 

This movie has been removed, you will get people in the name of all the people, in which the most read The lesson has been played by Nitin Kumar and the girl and because of which this web series started running a lot and we have started to like IMDb ratings very much.

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Jitendra Kumar



Ritika Badiani



Bhuvan Arora



Alam Khan


Shiladitya Tiwari

Ashwani Kumar


Ashu Bhaiya

Bhagwan Tiwari


Inspector Bhadoria

Dherendra Kumar


Tiwari Chhotu

Chaman Bahar Movie Review

In Chaman Bahar Movie, Jitendra Kumar aka Jeetu Bhaiya has played his role and in this, it has been made his own movie on top of this girl in the movie.

In which you will get to see people, even how Jiten Kumar is working in a shop.

That shop is made of paan masala and they start working with pan masala, their father is running another business because he does not like to run much, then after that, I slowly work my way Turn on and do not do his father's work.

In this movie, you will get to see how Jiten Kumar tries his best to make that girl his angel and after that, he adopts in many ways and he says that he has something in the city Good name is to be earned and some good work has to be done, for this reason, 

They start doing other work, they start working in a flooded place where no one comes and their shop is not running at all. 

Due to this, Jiten Kumar starts to get very upset and in this, you will get to see a lot of people, in this, you will get to see people and you people may like it a lot.

In the Chaman bahar series, you will get to see people, in this, you will get to hear the English Hindi language in two ways, the language that you understand, you can see this language and you can see a chicken People can do a lot of online as well as download.

The real story in Hindi is understandable when a girl starts coming to live and all the boys are behind her and start thinking of removing her, but slowly I do not fall for anyone.

I take my influence Whenever a boy tries to do anything with her, his father immediately calls the police and then arrests him. 

There is a boy leader who is also working there and I am also that girl. And then after the girl in his entire school, he is in front of the shop.

Jitendra Kumar is in front of Kumar's shop, his house is built and he always starts working in his house and starts to walk slowly in his shop, go to his shop, he starts hitting blue. 

Just because of this, the commissioning starts because it is a girl's house in front of that shop, then her friends tell her that the girl has become rich for fees, and then she takes the form of Laxmi ji in front of you. 

If it has come, you should never deny it, you are also thinking that to set it and then crush it and make it your own, out of this, tell your friend and come to his words and his words. Try to come in.

Vipin Kumar also has to go to jail in this, after that he has to face a lot of problems and is also given his shop which is left on the strength of the police and he has a lot of trouble in the car. 

Duties also come in politics and then after getting into politics, they lose due to not getting any votes and they get very frustrated because of it, everyone starts supporting them but someone with them, the police.

They are not able to give it to the people, due to which they start feeling very upset and their shop is removed from there.


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