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Bhaukal Web series Download and Play Online. Bhaukal Web series Is based on a Khaki superhero from India,

Bhaukal Web series Download And play online for free stationed as a new SSP in Muzaffarnagar, a lawless city. IPS officer.

Naveen Sikhra is disciplined and determined to serve the public. 

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Bhaukal Web series Download 

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Bhaukal Web series is all about Muzaffarnagar is full of crime and anarchy, with the Shuk in gang in the east and the Deda brothers ruling in the west. The city is used to serve as the puppets of local goons of policemen.

Bhaukal Web series Cast Details 

  1. Mohit Raina         ...      NAVEEN SIKHERA                                  10 episodes, 2020 
  2. Bidita Bag.                           NAZEER                                                    10 episodes, 2020 
  3. Siddhanth Kapoor ..   PINTU DEDHA                                          10 episodes, 2020 
  4. Firoz Khursheed Khan   Balraam                                                       10 episodes, 2020 
  5. Rashmi Rajput ...                Puja Sikhera                                                10 episodes, 2020 
  6. Abhimanyu Singh ...          SHAUKEEN                                               10 episodes, 2020 
  7. Sanyam Srivastav Karim                                                            9 episodes, 2020 
  8. Upen Chauhan ...                Rajesh Yadav                                                9 episodes, 2020 
  9. Ravi Pandey ...                     Iftekhar                                                    .    9 episodes, 2020

Bhaukal Web Series Details

Bhaukal Web series describes how terror feels when death, murder, and kidnapping become an everyday thing. 

Officer Naveen Sikhra is posted in the evil city of Muzaffarnagar. An officer is known for his dignity and righteousness

 When the atrocities of these gangs are revealed to end the gang rule in Muzaffarnagar. The web series focuses on brutal crimes perpetrated by vandalism. 

The geography is based on real-life scenarios faced by IPS officer Naveen Sikhra. Bhaukal Web series Download

The latest web series on MX player is Samantar, all nine episodes are available for free. Bhaukal Web series Download.

Bhukkal web series review Bhukkal is staged in Muzaffarnagar Uttar Pradesh, which is cited as the capital of crime.
You see that a mass war is going on between two groups in two different parts of Muzaffarnagar. In the East is fond and in the West, there is the Dida Brothers, Bhaukal Web series Download

Who is responsible for riots, murders, and crimes in UP. And when you are realizing the depth of gangster atrocities, you meet Naveen Sikhra, the honest SSP.

Mohit Raina played the role. The narrative is great because it focuses on the life of a real cop who is fighting with his life at stake every day and then there are puppet officers who sell their souls to the goons. 

The web series is based on the real-life story SSP Naveen Sikhra. Therefore dark and dirty politics will cool your spine.

Bhaukal Web series Download

Bhaukal Web series download pivotal roles are Abhimanyu Singh, Siddharth Kapoor, Bidita Bagh, Sunny Hinduja, Rashmi Rajput, Pradeep Nagar, and Gulki Joshi. 

Overall this is a 2020 Must-Watch web series that you should not miss.


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